A Building Full of Possibilities

900 Rutter is a 138,000 square foot commercial and residential property that houses some of the most exquisite and interesting businesses in NEPA. Built in 1903, what began as a factory has evolved into a living work of art created from the weird and available.

This unique mix of paint, metal sculptures and repurposed materials is the vision of mixed media artist David Koral, who purchased the historic property at auction in 2001, and his partner Toni C. Together they’ve brought the building back to life and established the most unique place to eat, shop, play and stay. From fresh food to odds and ends, lifestyle studios to exclusive fashion outlets, 900 Rutter is a sought curiosity of the valley to explore.


Come to The Canning House for outstanding food in a unique & historic environment. Open for breakfast, lunch & weekend brunch they offer eat-in, take out & delivery options.


You can have all kinds of shopping adventures at 900 Rutter! Our partners offer everything from high-quality clothing and accessories and custom shoes to home furnishings and even groceries!


Whether you’re looking to find your inner peace or inner child, 900 Rutter is the place to go! Our partners offer all kinds of wellness activities, resources, and amenities for every lifestyle.


Are you loving 900 Rutter? Want to be part of it? Contact us via the form below to find out about available condos and commercial space. We can’t wait to meet you!


Artists are continually adding to the magic at 900 Rutter and transforming this living work of art. There’s always something new to see. Make sure to look around when you visit!