Capturing the Artistic Essence of 900

Special Thanks to Brian Riedel Photography for documenting the unique spirit of the 900 Rutter building and grounds. Learn more about him and his work below.

“After becoming establishing in the wedding and portrait photography business, I branched out to discover new areas of photography. It was then, that I rediscovered my love for design and architecture. I am always looking and studying; books, buildings and designers. It’s not uncommon to see me scouring through interior design and architectural magazines for new and interesting ideas on how to see space in our three-dimensional world.”

“I take an active interest in local historical landmarks. And I have begun a long term project of photographing and documenting these local historical landmarks and structures, as a means of keeping local history alive and visual for future generations.”

Meet Brian

Brian offers architecture and real estate photography, as well as drone and 360 degree 3D photography.

“Brian Riedel Photography captured the essence of the 900 building allowing its color and whimsy to shine. I can’t thank Brian enough for his professionalism and attention to detail.”

-Michael McLaughlin, Halibut Blue